Thursday, May 23, 2019

End of Summer/poets united

End of Summer

Summers end
Put away the picnic supplies
No more long continual sunny days
No more hot nights

Sheets soaked in sweat
As climate change continues
Temperatures rise
End of fire season

Cooler temperatures greet
A new day
Autumn most beautiful season
Passes quickly
Soon it will be winter

Change of seasons 
Keeps us on our toes
Putting away
And getting out

Hardly time to remember
Season that has just ended
Look forward 
To the next season to come

May 23, 2019


tonispencer said...

A grand goodbye to a summer that has not even developed yet.

Jim said...

Seems we look forward with hope to better our positions. You stated our optimism nicely for pleasant reading.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

One season barely over, and we are speeding through the next one. I love how endless summer felt in childhood. I wish life was that slow now.

Brendan said...

The transformation seasons of spring and fall pass so quickly now between the terrible majesties of summer and winter. Maybe as we age they pass even faster, and climate change makes their anticipations even more fearful. Well done.

Helen said...

I need summer to last forever at my age!!!!!!

kaykuala said...

Look forward
To the next season to come

The season's change comes too fast. One has to be one step ahead to enjoy all the fun


annell4 said...

Your words are true, Toni. Thanks for the comment.

Susan said...

I just spent a day storing my darker clothes of fall and winter and taking out my lighter clothes--both in color and weight--of spring and summer. Immediately the switch played with my memory. I found some of that captured in your poem today.

Marian said...

Ah, really nice... it does all go really fast.

brudberg said...

Oh the seasons... they just come and go.

Kerry O'Connor said...

We seem to be speeding through the seasons at a very rapid pace these days.

Margaret said...

With seasons, I too at times have "the grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome...

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