Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Sunday Whirl  Wordle #402

Desert Home
Yes, it is a dusty little New Mexico town
And yet I sing, fly and float
Through the dust filled days
Dipping my brush into colors

Making sense without words
From my window I see the coyote
As she traces yesterday’s steps
Carefully placing her paws near the cactus

Every living thing is covered with thorns
Signs of ancient people
Scattered on the desert floor
Painted with complex designs

Off the well-traveled path
Far from the city lights
An orphan finds her way
Stifles the cry that rises from within

The wind shrieks of loneliness
Of days lost in sameness
Yet… in this quiet place
I have found home
May 5, 2019



Sherry Blue Sky said...

So powerful, the orphan stifling the cry from within, the wind shrieking of loneliness. So good that you found home.

Elizabeth said...

It is strange, the things that define home. Different for each one, and always for different reasons. I like your poem, your love of place speaks clearly in your words.


Mr. Walker said...

A beautiful ending. We all want orphans to find home. Lovely imagery of painting and of the environment. said...

It seems you have found the perfect home for you. Sounds lovely.

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