Saturday, May 11, 2019


To think we will be apart
Is heartbreaking
When we thought
We would grow old together

It is funny we talked about it
On the way to the party
Without knowing that week
Would be the last

We picked flowers by the roadside
Still wet from last night’s rain
We hiked along the rim
Saw the big horned sheep for the last time

We kissed good morning
And kissed good night
My touchstone
My rock

Tomorrow will come
Though we might not be here
To greet the rising sun
Life will continue

There is no promise it will be ours’
Perhaps just a little speck of life
Left over from abundant days
When we were young

May 11, 2019


tonispencer said...

Lovely sad poem Annell. No, tomorrow is not promised. When I clicked on your name, the poem did not come up as it said page not found. I did click on home to get to this poem and loved it.

Mary said...

We really have to enjoy each day we have with another person, don't we? Forevers ARE hard to come by, but when they do they are truly a gift.

brudberg said...

It is probably a good thing that we never know that it's the last time... how could we live through a night before the end?

Revived Writer said...

This is sad and beautiful.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My thoughts went back in time today, too, Annell. So many beautiful memories....but, also, so much loss. Yet how wonderful that we had it all! I remember my mom saying that on her deathbed - that she had "had it all". I was so glad that she thought that, of her hard life.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is heartwrenchingly beautiful, Annell. Tomorrow is not promised .. this will linger with me for a while.

signed...bkm said...

how one word can evoke so many memories and emotions...each day is precious with those we favorite book is "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" seems that the heart always aches for someone or something...xoxoxobkm

Ron. said...

Wonderful rendering of our looming and inevitable separation. Well done!

Kim M. Russell said...

This poem is so sad and tender, Annell. It’s worth clinging onto that little speck of life left over from abundant days. I agree with Bjorn, that it's better that we don't know that it's the last time.

Marian said...

Ahhhh... I appreciate the reminder to savor moments like this.

Kerry O'Connor said...

We never know which day will be the last to share with a special person.

Margaret said... touchstone. That's lovely. It's a reminder to cherish each moment - sounds so trite - simple - but it is SO true.

Mr. Walker said...

I was hooked from that first stanza - it is heartbreaking - and yet our imaginations can take us places our hearts don't want to go. Sad and beautiful - a lovely poem.

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