Wednesday, April 25, 2018

THE SUMMER OF OUR LIVES/Poets United Midweek Motif -- SEVEN DEADLY SINS/ Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads -- A SUNNY DAY IN JUNE/Waiting on Words/ Ladies in Waiting

-------------------------------------------------------Poets United  Midwekk Motif  Summer

Lazy days
The summer of our lives
Goals set
Goals accomplished
The beginning is over
The voyage is well under way

The horizon is distant
Future pitfalls unseen
Take a deep breath
It’s going to be OK
Your ideas clear
The destination
Still seems far off

In some ways the journey is long
In others ways short
Sounding the depths
Mark Twain (safe water)
Call for water 2 fathoms deep
Take each day as it comes
Lazy days of summer

April 25, 2018

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads


What does it mean to sin
And what is sin after all
Sin is an archery term
Meaning to miss the mark
And who hasn’t missed the mark
Shot an arrow that has gone astray
My life is full of sin
My intention was to hit the target
Instead the arrow hit the neighbor next door
Forgive me I say
Reaching for a towel 
I wipe the blood away

April 25, 2018

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Waiting on words/ Ladies in Waiting

The sun rises
The morning brings
A memory
I say nothing
Don’t want to give myself away
Like a moth in my hand
It flutters
I slip it into my pocket
I almost hear a cry

You come to me
You say
Soon it will be four years
And so many years before
I never got used to it
My foot searches for the brake
Can we stop
Can we just stop

The sun rises each morning
The buds on the lilac bush
Too numerous to count
A bush you promised 
Would only grow 4 feet high
But no….
It towers over the roof
And isn’t through yet

I return to the scene
Spring has arrived
The world is new
The color green
Accented by a pair of cardinals
Who brought the news
The world screeches to a halt
A sunny day in June

April 25, 2018


Fireblossom said...

I will have to come back and give the second one a more careful reading. For now, I am just so tickled by the first one! I was lulled by the philosophical tone of it, so when the arrow hit the neighbor, I just broke up laughing. Somehow the towel made it even worse/better. As a habitual klutz, you know i loved it.

Rommy said...

Two poems for NaPoWriMo - that's ambitious! I did get a very good giggle from the first.

gillena cox said...

Sin an archery term - a very interesting image. And in the second luv the accent of the cardinals



Sanaa Rizvi said...

Love this especially; "Sin is an archery term meaning to miss the mark."

Vivian Zems said...

These 3 poems are wonderful.
1. Unknown pitfalls pale when enjoying long summer days.
2.Even for this- forgiveness awaits
3.what did the cardinals have to say?

Toni Spencer said...

Yes, we have all missed the mark. And what pride it is to think we have not. Excellent!

Susan said...

I love how you sound the depths in "The Summer of Our Lives.'
"Take a deep breath
It’s going to be OK"
And that is exactly how to live the fullest.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A sunny day in June, four years later. This poem is my favourite of the three, Annell. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love all three of them. Three distinctly different prompts. Three distinct poems. Yet, together they draw a complete picture of a life lived fully and with depth. You took me from reflection, to laughter, to tears. I too am filled with sin. Missing the mark of God's perfection only proves that we are perfectly imperfect human beings. That's good enough for me,


Myrna R. said...

Wow Annell. You responded to these prompts with such sensitivity and vivid description. I enjoyed all three. They seem connected by a thread of melancholy and strength. That is you.

Ellecee said...

1. During the lazy days of summer our projects can turn secondary to the enjoyment of the moment. Things always get done in the end,
2.Lots of smiles and yes, we all miss the mark, the important thing is we do our best. Sounds a bit corny but it's true.
3. How poignant "Can we stop, can we just stop" and "the world screeches to a halt" and yet we move on anniversary after anniversary,

Enjoyed each one :-)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I truly wish I had the ability to take each day as it comes, whether summer or winter, but I always seem to be living one or two seasons ahead of myself! :)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I love all of these, each a little better than the one that precedes it.

Marianne said...

Is there a secret on that sunny day in June? I sense something private, tucked away. You have written with empathy and thoughtfulness.

Old Egg said...

The trouble is that if you have just had a feast (of words) and gorged oneself full, you just want sit in an easy chair and settle in for a snooze...but you want a comment! Each one is delightful but on re-reading I feel that the first two were preludes to the final course "A sunny day in June" which was outstanding in its sad and loving memories.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection of writing, Annell.


Kim Russell said...

What does it mean to sin
Brilliant, Annell! I love exploring words with multiple meanings, and this is a great example. I think this is true for many of us:
'My life is full of sin
My intention was to hit the target'

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