Thursday, April 19, 2018

A HAPPY ENDING...OR NOT/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads -- SPLENDID/Waiting on Words/Ladies in Waiting

Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads 

Dawn breaks
The sun rises
Drops of red blood on the snow
Begins the story of Snow White
Pricked her finger with the needle

Her life predicted by a witch
I suspect she was but a wise woman
Who knew that blood was an omen
A wistful old wives tale
Not set in stone

Snow White tasted the poison apple
Fell upon her bed to wait for the prince
Who wandered in the forest
With his merry men
Who drank and shot their arrows all day
Marksmen they were

They came to a clearing
Where stood a little house
And in the house
The beautiful maiden
Upon her bed

Her features alluring
The prince stole a kiss
And awakened Snow White
Now you remember how the story ended
“They all lived happily ever after”
It sounded like a promise
But who knows how it all really ended

April 19, 2018

Note:  It is interesting that stories about women, ended when they met the prince, married and lived happily ever after.  We all know, it is not the end of the story, but just the beginning.  Young women will write that story, w still have so much to learn.  And little by little we are learning each day.  


Waiting on Words/Ladies in Waiting

It is this world that comes to mind
And standing on the edge looking out into space
The stars that twinkle in the night
The memory of fireflies 
I don’t think they like desert
Rather prefer a green and wet place
Forest with moss that hangs from its branches
They twinkle to attract a mate
What do you think they talk about
Or do they just signal in unison

Outside my studio window
Sagebrush covers the mesa
Reminds me of the sea
Rolling and rolling
We sail to far-away places
Where ever we like
Our boat but a tub
And our sail, something silly
It is all quiet splendid
Rivers, mountains, and skies
What more could anyone ask

And then there is you
Wonderful you
Serious when need be
Otherwise anything for a laugh
I stop to consider
My life without you
And it is grey there
Take my hand
Hold on tight
Let us sail together into the night

April 19, 2018


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Indeed, I wonder what truth is obscured and how fairytales manipulate young minds in process of glorifying love and 'happily ever after'.. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have been shaped by the myths and fairy-tales we knew when young. It is easy to see why many women don't believe they are complete without a man beside them. I'm writing some essays at 1sojournal about that and how myths are formed and then form us in subtle, or not so subtle ways.

And I'm in full agreement with you about the natural world and how splendid it truly is. Really like your imagery,


Ellecee said...

What a lovely world you paint in Slendid. It sounds like a good place to be.

I agree with Sanna and Elizabeth about the feminine myth in some fairy tales. Should be thought of as imagination only, and not taken to heart. It’s a pity that they often are.

Gillena Cox said...

Re poem ONE
"But who knows how it all really ended" this end line is a whopper

much love...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Today's young women WILL re-write those old stories! I LOVE your second poem. So wonderful to have a dear companion.

Toni Spencer said...

It is good that we are learning every day that the old fairy tales are just that - fairy tales and not truth

Margaret said...

So true! Enjoyed your end notes as well.

Vivian Zems said...

2 beautifully penned poems...a good job!

Jim said...

Yes, "who knows?" That often has a sad ending and the story has lied. Poor ladies. But you know, it is a two way street. Marriage, love, both need to be cultivated and grown with the care we give our gardens. I liked reading this, a thought that doesn't come to me often enough.

Marianne said...

Beautiful! It is truly splendid, this place you have taken us to. Thank you for this lovely respite.

brudberg said...

Is there ever a happy ending?
I guess there will be more blood and more snow before we reach the true end.

Ekta Khetan said...

Thats a lovely poem out there!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful imagery, Annell, this made me feel good about life. Thanks.


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