Friday, April 6, 2018



As instructed
I stand on the shore
My feet barely in the water
The waves caress my toes
I call you name
I call my own
…Still nothing
Only the sound of the waves
Coming in
You are gone now
So I cannot ask
Did I do it right
Is it what was expected

I look into the water
And I see myself reflected
A woman grown old
Without expectations
Acceptance is my goal
The other travelers on the road
The place I rest when weary
I eat what I have
I rarely go out
On the head of a pin
My whole life reflected

April 6, 2018


hyperCRYPTICal said...

this is a beautiful compelling write/read Annell. It calls me to read it again and again - and I do.
We are but small fry in this world of ours, but I know you excel as an artist and and look deeply into the things (you) think about - so I am certain more than one pinhead would be needed!
Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

I feel the loneliness, the longing, almost an isolation, chosen or not. And I agree with Anna, far more than one pinhead would be needed,


Anonymous said...

So, sad, Annell. Yet, I understand the feeling. I am so happy that we are writing again together, my friend.


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