Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Taos, New Mexico
Where the red willow grow
Held fondly in many hearts
Home to shepherds from Mexico
With them weavers
“People of the Valley”
And Men of the Cloth
“Shepherds of men”

The original Americans
The Tewa
The potters of micaceous clay
Sparkling pots
Mica found in streams
Or rivers edge
The people said
“It was where heaven and earth met”

Mountain men and trappers
Found their way to Taos
“Home of pretty women and good brew”
Goldminers, too
After a season in the mountains
They came to Taos to party
And party down they did
When it was time to return
They gave them money away
The story goes, ”They threw it in the streets
Too heavy to carry”

Artists came too
They found a new subject to paint
Native people and the land illuminated 
By a special light
Found nowhere else on earth
They came… 
They were all here
Cowboys and Indians
Traders and such

Today Taos remains a sleepy little
Northern New Mexico town
Welcomes all
Though it is said
“The mountain either loves you
Or you will go screaming out of here”
Taos is not for everyone

April 10, 2018


 Imaginaary Gardens with Real Toads
It is  true 
That most men know not what he shall sing at the end
The end comes unexpected
...Even when it is expected

And when does he know that it is the end
You told me the water boiled before it was over
You looked in shock 
Never expected the end would come on that morn

Just a day of fishing
The sun shorn bright
He took his gear
And met his end

In the way it might be expected
A man of the sea
Singing his own song
When his ship slipped into darkness

April 10, 2018

Ladies in Waiting/https://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com

You say whose fault
My fault
Your fault
The fault of the whole damn universe
There is no fault, really
Usually it is a misunderstanding
No one at fault
Or perhaps it is stumbling into a fault line
A crack , crevice, or a grave
Someone left open

The unsuspecting 
Falls right in headfirst
Up to their ass in alligators
Swamp people
It would take a detective to find the fault
Of which you speak

Stay alert
Step lively
Be on guard
For even if you do fall in
It will still not be your fault

Faults, clefts, rifts and fissures
Just are what they are
Dust yourself off
Be on your way
Take no prisoners
Leave all faults for others for others to find

April 10, 2018


Sanaa Rizvi said...

I love the idea of leaving faults for others to find!💞 Lovely write.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It sounds like death came to him as he was doing what he so loved........You are right about no fault - usually misunderstanding. But people do want to cling to their versions.......that is where the fault line lies. I liked that line about theunsuspecting falling into thecrevice, up to their ass in alligators. LOL.

Cressida de Nova said...

Death is the only certainty in life. It would be lovely to die in your own bed rather than from misadventure or worse.

Robert Bourne said...

being somewhat of a fatalist I haven't put a lot of thought into "the end" I must admit however your poem has planted a seed in my mind..

Ellecee said...

He owned his end, so to speak, expected some day, but not that day. Who's fault is it anyway? An age old question. Both of your poems are food for thought and Fault was entertaining and lively. Liked them both. :-)

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the warning about Taos and the mountain: "The mountain either loves you
Or you will go screaming out of here". I can imagine every place has its mountain to test those living there.

Marianne said...

Responding to your poem FAULT:
I'm a fan of these words...
"My fault
Your fault
The fault of the whole damn universe."

Some issues are so traumatic and life changing that deciding who's responsible doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

About fault, we humans are really good at pointing a finger, finding the culprit, laying blame,instead of looking for healing and a solution. Yes, sometimes there is none, but that shouldn't prevent us from looking for one.

Endings are also beginnings, and Taos is a place I have always wanted to visit,


hyperCRYPTICal said...

I love your trio Annell, your educational history tour of Taos, the selfless sharing of the sad loss of your husband (the last two stanzas being especially poignant) and then your wisdom of where fault lies – or doesn’t.
Lovely reads.
Anna :o]

Jilly said...

Such remarkable writing; your words sparkle!

Grace said...

Would love to visit your city, New Mexico Annell ~

Neeraj Khanka said...

Death indeed, the final stop. Very true, it will come- just we don't know, how and when.

Margaret said...

What will we be singing at the end... I LOVE that concept! Makes one remember to live like today is one's last...

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