Wednesday, April 4, 2018

IS IT ALL SOMETHING IN BETWEEN/ Poets United Midweek Motif --Beginnings

You speak of beginnings
The very things I’m never sure
Exactly where
They begin or end
Is there a difference
I wonder if you just gathered
The words
Put them in a basket
Sprinkled them on the floor
Would you be able to find the beginning
Or if I told you the ending first
Would you be mixed up
Thinking the ending was the beginning
Can we not agree 
Everything just “is”
And maybe there are no real beginnings
No endings…
It is all something in between

April 4, 2018


Toni Spencer said...

You have certainly given us something to think about. The Japanese sprinkle spices and flowers on their floors for New Years Eve thinking they will absorb the past year's footsteps and feelings. New Years Day they are swept up and burned. This poem puts me in mind of that.

L C Folks said...

A very good question and I love the way you have spoken it. :-)

Susan said...

Your poem speaks for me. Most things I never question the "is" of--and then there's the others I wonder about. Like, how about the making of bread? the flavor of Marshmellow? But the origin of the universe? I rather hope there is neither beginning nor end. The stories will keep flowing.

willow_switches said...

sprinkling words on the floor, as if they are puzzles, or feathers floating in a tossed, split open pillow, randomly plucked ~ what a lovely image/idea

Gillena Cox said...

Yes; sometimes is it possible to begin [again] right there in the middle

much love...

Truedessa said...

I think there are beginnings and there are endings, but I think the journey is mostly about the middle.

Jim said...

We live in a crazy mixed up world. Sometimes, once in a while something makes sense.

Sumana Roy said...

Your poem makes me think of the Vedanta philosophy that says that God / consciousness / universe has neither a beginning nor an end. A very much thought provoking poem Annelle.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

I think in some instances there are what appear to be beginnings and endings, but (thinking more) maybe they are added links to an already existing chain, an extension of the in between…
Maybe all is another path taken, a diversion, a point we claim as ours, yet a continuation of what went before…
Lots to think about here Annell!
Anna :o]

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