Tuesday, April 17, 2018

WASSILY KANDINSKY/FATHER OF ABSTRACTION/ Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads and dVerse -- BRANCHES/Waiting on Words/Ladies in Waiting

Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads and dVerse

                                             Squares with Concentric Circles 1913

A dab of color here
A splash there
Red, yellow and blue
You stepped away from realism
You showed the way
Cut a new path
Down to the essence
The spirit of the thing
You played with me
Like the cat with the mouse
You teased
Red and yellow
We danced
It was all “play” for you
But what else is art
We return to be children
We see with fresh eyes
We spin
Red, yellow and blue
Always on guard
You enter my dreams
Wassily Kandinsky
Father of abstraction
April 17, 2018



Waiting on Words/Ladies in Waiting

Sage Brush covers the mesa
A plant that will grow 
Where others will not
I have seen people 
Scrape the area clean
And try to plant grass
Which doesn’t grow

So the dirt blows
Into clouds
And settles in layers everywhere
The sage brush is well suited
Like a tiny forest
There is the main body
Its branches grow in all directions

I can identify with this plant
It seems I grow 
Where others will not
The climate can be harsh
Very cold in the winter
Unpredictable spring
Hot in summer
Beautiful autumn
It suits me well
I flourish here
The desert is like love
If you are suited
It is all you need

April 17, 2018


Ellecee said...

I like your tribute to Kandinsky, especially the lines
"Cut a new path Down to the essence The spirit of the thing" Some art does that for us, awakens something.
In Waiting on Words/Ladies in waiting, I especially like the last lines
"The desert is like love If you are suited It is all you need " These words resonate with me as being the truth. Enjoyed both.

Jae Rose said...

I love both pieces Annell your closing lines are very powerful

Anonymous said...

We must grow where it is best suited to us,maybe even a tad challenging. The Kandinsky piece is mesmerising.

Kerry O'Connor said...

You show how liberating art can be.. you convey an appreciation for the process.

Margaret said...

Honestly, it is fun to go to an art museum and ask my youngest what he sees in abstract art - he always surprises me.

Kim Russell said...

I love your tribute to the humble and stalwart Sage Brush, Annell, 'A plant that will grow / Where others will not'. I like the way you describe it as 'a tiny forest' and how you compare yourself with a plant:
'It suits me well
I flourish here'.

Gillena Cox said...

luv how you journeyed with Kandinsky's art

much love...

brudberg said...

Love the sage brush... some people just thrive... a lot like a dandelion child...

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the last three lines in praise of the desert.

jo said...

I love your Kandinsky piece in particular - it brings the artist and his process into clearer understanding.

Anonymous said...

You speak in Kandinsky's language, many have never learned it. Love your ode to desert and how it has come to be your home. You identify so strongly with it,



ash said...

Both pieces are excellent, but I favor the first a little.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Both lovely writes Annell, but the second a firm favourite with me. Yes, some of us flourish, while others wilt.
Anna :o]

kaykuala said...

Down to the essence
The spirit of the thing
You played with me..

Abstraction can open up the mind to ideas which otherwise are not thought of. Its appreciative tendency created on gazers can be quickly stimulated! Thoughtful take annell!


Jim said...

L.C, I like your "Wassily Kandinsky Father of abstraction." It moves so very fast. And who doesn't like child play, but not all the time? Dare I say your writing is abstract?

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Two beautiful homages, to artist and plant!

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