Monday, April 9, 2018

Poets United / -- WHITE/ WAITING/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads

Hope you will read Sherry's post, I am honored that she included a poem of mine along with poems of Wendy's and Rosemary's.

________________________________________________________  Prompt -- White.

A loaded word these days
And every day of our history
Past or present
Not much to be proud of here
White privilege unrecognized
Unclaimed like a lost puppy

It is easier to see
When we look back
What was right 
And what was not
Still much the same
We have a leader 
Who insists on such
White has ruled the roost
For too long

But things are changing
Even if many resist
It is coming as sure as 
The sun rises tomorrow
The days of “white”
Leading the pack
Are almost over
A short time to get it right

Growing up in the south
It all seemed OK
“They” lived on the other side
“They” had their own schools
“They” had their own churches
“They” cleaned our homes
“They” cared for our children
The balance is changing
I wonder… what does “White” deserve

April 9, 2018


Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads -- Prompt -- Waiting.

Today I am waiting
As I have been for 
So many days
Without complaint
I count the ticks of the clock
I explore emptiness
The world where I live
The sound of your voice 
Echoes in my head
Your smell in the air
Your love fills my heart
I long for the letter
I know will never come
Your footsteps on my threshold
Your knock at my door
The sun rises each morning
And travels through the sky
To reach the western horizon
A glorious sunset we will not share
Into a dark and lonely night
Filled with dreams to nightmares
Waiting punctuated by stars
A bright moon lights the path
The future uncertain
Still I wait

April 9, 2018


Mary said...

Your "white" poem is thought-provoking and timely!

Anonymous said...

Really, really like the "white" poem. So timely and important. Can't say it enough, you are right,

But like the waiting poem just as much, for very different reasons. Understand it down to my toes.


Margaret said...

Felt the "waiting" and the losing of hope...

Anonymous said...

The waiting poem is heart-breakingly good. The white poem is so true.

Kim Russell said...

There is so much sadness in the lines:
'I count the ticks of the clock
I explore emptiness
The world where I live
The sound of your voice
Echoes in my head
Your smell in the air'.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Your "White" poem is nothing short of inspirational!💜 The "Waiting" poem is raw and filled with deep emotion... it feels as though waiting to be reunited with a beloved.💜

Neeraj Khanka said...

The eternal longing and wait...beautifully expressed here!

Ellecee said...

The words in your "White" poem have been predicted, we shall see. "Waiting" can be so difficult, so heartbreaking, when "the future uncertain" what can we do but continue.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Both of these poems have such impact, Annell. The days of white privilege I hope are ending. And I enjoyed reading the many facets of waiting, some content, some with longing, all part of the story of being alive. I especially love the poem about waiting.

Marianne said...

White, a powerful and thoughtful poem. I had not considered taking the word in this direction. Well done.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Beautiful, thought-provoking poems. In a way, they are both poems about waiting for a certain (in the sense of sure) outcome. And both of those will take as long (or as soon) as they take. Meanwhile, it still seems important to live each day to the full.

Isadora Gruye said...

Very powerful last lines! Thanks for posting!

Margaret said...

Yes, there are a lot of things we should never be proud of, but I had relatives who died in the civil war fighting for the union. Not everyone hates. I pray for a day we don't see color and race - that's what I adore about young children - they don't see it. I just went on a Gullah tour in Charleston and loved it. And I can't wait to see the movie you suggested!

Anonymous said...

Love the white poem. It is so very true.


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