Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TO SEE IS TO KNOW BUT EVEN THOSE WHO CANNOT SEE, CAN STILL KNOW/ Poets United Midweek Motif - VisionLONG AGO ROOMS/ Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads -- INSPIRE/

Poets United  Midweek Motif - Vision

Knowing can come in many ways
With my finger tips
I gently touch 
The world around me
I touch you
Green grass
Blue sky
Water in the brook
Cold and wet
The keys of the key board
The words on the page
The breath of my kitten
I touch the canvas with my brush

I stand quietly and listen
To the wind chimes outside my door
That carry spirit
Your voice when you speak to me
My kitten’s cry at the door
The quiet that surrounds me
The inspiration you have given me

I taste the air I breathe
Food prepared for lunch
The unripe fruit still on the tree
The knowing of your touch
When you touch me
The feeling in my heart
All ways of knowing
I love you

April 11, 2018


Imaginary gardens with real toads

This present day room
Is quiet
The air still
The coffee cold in the cup
All is waiting

We return to long ago rooms
We walk together
You tell me
This is the window where he sat
He watched for your return

You tell me
You dream of these rooms
Each night
And here is the room
You shared with him
So long ago

You tell me
In the quiet of night
You return to walk through
These rooms 
Your footsteps echo on the stairs
You tell me of your pets
The many cats at your door

You tell me you return 
With his heart in a box
A basket of clams
Your drawing sticks
Your colors
You make pictures of the long ago rooms

April 11, 2018


Inner breath
It is to be found each day
A thousand little gifts
Look for it
Recognize it 
Draw it in deeply

It could be a hug
A word of encouragement
Keeps you going 
When the going gets rough
A simple smile
Lightens your load

Song of the wind
Played on the wind chime
Seasoned with spirit
Get up early
The sun rise magnificent
A gift  created for you

The warmth of another
Inner breath
Breathe deeply
Draw it to your heart
Give it back
Sing out loud

April 11, 2018


Gillena Cox said...

Ah memories sad; but im sure mixed with a lot of thanksgiving for having shared of love in those days

much love...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Annell, I like the use of the second person in your poem - it allows me to put myself in the place of the person whom you address, and that makes the experience very authentic. Thank you.

Margaret said...

I agree with Kerry - I was imagining who the person was - a grandmother, mother, friend. Either way, it evokes a thoughtfulness, a willingness to listen to someone else, care about them.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is beautifully emotive!💜 I get the feeling of someone who has a closer connection with us.. one we can not fully explain.💜

Susan said...

So sensual, really, how we know anything. Beautifully expressed in the first poem here, tho the senses play in all three.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Marvellous poems, my friend. I especially love the poem about those long-ago rooms....the felt almost holy, reading it.

Marianne said...

Love the way the words of your poem INSPIRE flow so gently, one into the next. Peaceful and beautiful.

Ellecee said...

I enjoyed all of your poems today, you walk quietly with us through a range of emotions, all rich and poignant. Lovely. :-)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Three abslutely beautiful pieces, which fill me with peace.

Sumana Roy said...

Wonderful poems. I absolutely agree with the first line of your Midweek Motif poem. I strongly believe that knowledge is light.

Jim said...

It would be fun drawing those rooms of old. Some I could and others not. Could the 'other'?

Jae Rose said...

A wonderful collection of poems Annell said...

Wonderful poems here......for me...I always love wind chimes. We have them on our deck and they remind me, in the midst of a city with honking horns and ambulance sirens, that there can be a serenity and calmness too. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem filled with gratitude, Annell.


Frank J. Tassone said...

Beautiful write, Annell! So much nostalgia and pathos, perfectly captured in evocative, captivating images!

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