Monday, April 16, 2018

CHIJITSE: Lingering Day -- dVerse Haibun Monday -- A FRIENDLY GAME OR TWO/ Imaginary gardens with real toads -- PAPER/Waiting on Words/ Ladies in Waiting

Chijitsu: Lingering Day – dVerse Haibun Monday

My days are full.  Only today I realize, each day is but a piece of the creative puzzle.  A note on a bar of music.  Perhaps we begin with the pieces scattered on the floor.  And slowly we find each piece and then find its place in our puzzle.  

As we work, live, and grow. Our focus is different in the different phases of our lives.  We learn a little with each step, hopefully become a little wiser with each day’s completion.  At the end of each day, is when we can sit back and enjoy the view. 

The blue sky turns to bright orange, red and yellow with touches of pink, and sometimes little bits of brilliant green.   It is if someone has turned the light down low.   The message seems to be, "day is done, time of reflection."

Day’s end
Spring has come at last
Time of reflection    

Imaginary Garadens with Real Toads

 A deck of 52 was all that was needed
The family gathered round
Challenges made
Deal the cards
We’ll see

No bets needed
We all loved to play
Cheers went up
Laughter all around
Played into the wee hours of the night
Just a friendly game or two

No hand like another
All unique
What to do
What to do
A strategy
Was needed
Even if you got a bad hand
Laugh it off
Deal another
Begin again

April 16, 2018

Waiting on Words/Landies in Waiting

What is to be said of paper?

Across the counter 
He asked
What can I do for you?
I told him
I would like a fresh heart
For mine is broken
He wrapped it in paper
And handed it to me
Still beating

Handmade in Japan
By Mr. Hosino
Master papermaker
He put the magic into the paper
That could be seen in my work
His life recently ended
His daughter makes paper now

Eight by ten
A piece of  creamy paper
Waiting for the words
Of your song
Written in ink
Sealed with a kiss
A letter to my love

For years my passion was paper
My pencil loved to drag across
Its surface
My brush loved to caress you, too
What thoughts made visible
Because of you

April 16, 2018


Marian said...

My pencil loved to drag across your surface... yes, indeed!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Your first poem reminded me how much my grandma loved card games. We played Old Maid all the time. I absolutely adore your second poem, especially "i would like a fresh heart for mine is broken." My new fave of yours.

Anonymous said...

hand made -heart felt. A lovely response to the prompt

indybev said...

How life is likened to the deck of 52 ... no two hands the same ... Thank heaven for new deals!

Marianne said...

A lovely, thoughtful piece. I especially loved your last stanza.

Anonymous said...

I like all three pieces. The first, because it is an ode to the creative process. The second because it brings back lots of childhood memories, and the third because it speaks to any artist and the necessary love of her/his tools. An empty page of paper is a promise of new and unknown adventure.


Thotpurge said...

Each day like a piece of a puzzle..except I have no idea what I'm building...hopefully it turns out right and bright!

Anonymous said...

Written in the words of a true artist, Annell. Lovely.


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