Saturday, April 14, 2018

THE DREAM IS A NIGHTMARE/Imaginary gardens with real toads -- SPRING INTERRUPTED/


In a crowded room
I look up and there you are
Two people find each other
You ask and I say, “I do”
Without much thought
You look cute
Your hair falls in your face
You are a good dancer

It seems it is what humans do
Search rivers and dells
For their other half
But if each one is only a half
What kind of relationship
Can that be

The song light hearted
About something so serious
Let’s get married
Live happily ever after
I think that is how the story goes

But more often than not
In no time
The party is over
Two strangers meet
Form a union
And things fall apart.
Realizing the dream 
Is a nightmare 

April 14, 2018


Spring in all its finery
Two new nests by the door
Freshly concealed
New growth in the garden
Glacier blue sky
Even the light is fresh

One day the wind blew
Like an angry bear
Awaken from his nap

The following day
A grey sky greeted
Morning commuters
In silence the flakes descended
Like tiny paratroopers
As they landed they melted
Small drops of water took their place
Spring interrupted by snow

April 14, 2018


gillena cox said...

Of dreams and nightmares, your write sashays into candid territory


Sherry Blue Sky said...

It is sad how often your first poem is the story of those blind beginnings. I love the beauty of the landscape in your second poem. Two poems a day in april. Bravo! I am floundering a bit, with only my tablet.

Anonymous said...

And here, in Wisconsin, we are having a blizzard. Can't see out my windows, they are plastered with ice and snow. Perhaps we won't have any Spring at all...


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Its heartbreaking when the dream which we waited our entire lives turn into a nightmare :(

Ellecee said...

So sad when dreams turn into nightmares and spring falls back to winter,,,well penned, both :-)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like both your poems very much.

That dream doesn't always turn to nightmare – but of course, it very often does. Such a wise question: "But if each one is only a half / What kind of relationship / Can that be".

Marianne said...

We're in the midst of an April blizzard today. Snow, frigid temps, wild wind, zero visibility. Spring has definitely been interrupted here.

Margaret said...

Sometimes we have blinders on or see only what we want to see. It isn't so much it turned into a nightmare but we didn't see it properly to begin with ... ?

Anonymous said...

Lovely write, Annell. I love this.


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